To enhance the schools curriculum and enrich the children's learning experiences, class teachers may arrange a trip related to work being undertaken in class. Other trips may be arranged to develop a particular life skill, for example visits to local shops and cafe's to assist in the development of important life skills such as shopping for themselves, handling money and change and independently ordering and paying for their own food and purchases. Visits in to the wider local community are also arranged, to help our students develop their independence and sense of belonging.

The safety of pupils on school trips is absolutely paramount. The school has a comprehensive Educational Visits Policy and a full risk assessment is carried out prior to any trip. All risk assessments are approved by the Senior Leadership Team.

We kindly request donations from parents to enable these trips to take place. We try to keep the cost of trips down and always consider value for money when selecting places of interest/learning to visit.

If your child is going to be attending a trip and has misplaced the consent form, please ask for one from the front office.

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